A truly historic year 2022 with unexpected challenges is drawing to a close. However, amidst all the negative news, experiences and events, one essential insight emerges for us: questioning our actions always opens up new paths and opportunities. In the 150 years of its existence, our company has experienced an eventful history and survived numerous crises and even two world wars. Traditions and adaptability have made this possible, of which we are equally proud, but also look to the future with respect.

The basis for our confidence is the well-managed economic situation in the year that is coming to an end, with projects that are positive for us and exciting major orders.

In 2023, new challenges will have to be mastered, which ultimately we all cannot comprehensively foresee. However, thanks to our loyal customers, suppliers, partners and companions, we look forward to 2023 with confidence and hope.
We wish you all a peaceful holiday season. Above all: stay healthy!